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Hi, I am MicA!
I am a self taught Artist...
I started my journey Drawing when I
 was small, I have honed my craft
through out the years. I also like to
Draw with Color Pencils on Black Paper.
I have now evolved into the digital world
 and painting; I have been creating
works for 45 + years.
I will try anything once...I am not afraid
to explore my Gifts. I will try painting
just about anything...Who knows what
 can happen.
Some things that I paint such as 'The
Universe Watching series', takes me away
 somewhere else while I paint; there is no
one there but me and the canvas...It is the
best High I could imagine and so much more.
It is hard to put into words...
I truly believe that if you love what you are
doing and feel like it is your Calling then
making a monetary living at it should come

I can be commissioned to paint for you...Just
let me know.

My Life Advice for Survival....
Never do anything that is not in your SOUL
to do....if it feels Wrong, then in YOU, it is Wrong....
if it FEELS AMAZING then please DO IT AND
If you feel LOVE because of it, then it is EXACTLY

Bless one and all!
Self Portrait